Since its origins, democracy has been a work in progress. Today, many question its resilience.

The Bertelsmann Foundation and Humanity in Action have teamed up with Andrew Keen, author of How to Fix the Future, to launch this video and podcast series exploring practical responses to the threats facing democracies around the world. Host Andrew Keen interviews prominent thinkers, writers, politicians, technologists, and business leaders who enlighten and challenge us as we seek the answers to How to Fix Democracy.

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson is Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies at Emory University. Professor Anderson’s research and teaching focus on public policy; particularly the ways that domestic and international policies intersect through the issues of race, justice and equality in the United States.

David Runciman

David Runciman is Professor of Politics in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge. He is an expert on 19th and 20th Century political thought and his latest book is “How Democracy Ends”.

Michael Ignatieff

Born in Canada and educated at the University of Toronto and Harvard, Michael Ignatieff is a university professor, writer and former politician. He is currently the Rector and President of Central European University in Budapest.

Andrew Keen

How to Fix Democracy’s host, Andrew Keen, is one of the world's best known and controversial commentators on the digital revolution. He is the author of four books: Cult of the Amateur, Digital Vertigo, The Internet Is Not The Answer, and How To Fix The Future, published in 2018.